PAGE 2020 recommends the following candidates for the November 3, 2020 election:


We recommend Daniella Levine Cava for Miami-Dade County Mayor.

County Commission District 7

We recommend Raquel Regalado for County Commission District 7.

We are STRONGLY AGAINST Cindy Lerner. Since the beginning, she has always been opposed to the Pets’ Trust, and continued her opposition even after 500,000 people voted for it. We believe it is not in the best interest of our animals if she is in office and that her temperament is unacceptable for any public office.

County Commission District 9

We recommend Kionne McGhee for County Commission District 9.

School Board District 9

We recommend Luisa Santos for School Board District 9.

State Representative District 115

We recommend Vance Aloupis for State Representative District 115.

State Representative District 116

We recommend Daniel Perez for State Representative District 116.

US Congress District 26

We recommend Debbie Mucarsel Powell for US Congress District 26.

US Congress District 27

We recommend Donna Shalala for US Congress District 27.