Friday night at the movies

    It was eight years ago that the Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously to place the Pets’ Trust Initiative on the ballot.  Friday night, we celebrate that moment with the movie that tells the story of the Pets’ Trust and the politicians that defied the Will of the People .

    Entitled, “Political Animals: The Story of the Pets’ Trust” , we invite you to join us in a Community viewing of the movie that continues to remind us why we need new commissioners and a mayor that will listen to the voice of the people .

    The founder of the Pets’ Trust, Michael Rosenberg, is now a Candidate for Miami-Dade County Commissioner in District Seven (7 ) .

    We hope you will watch and understand why this 2020 Election is so important.  We need people in office with compassion, conviction and the desire to always honor the Will of the People of Miami-Dade County.

    Click on the ticket below at 8:00 pm, Friday night, July 17, 2020, and enjoy the movie.

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