Sadly, Pet & Family Expo Cancelled

    “Unfortunately” is a word used too often these days due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Unfortunately” the NBA season is cancelled, Broadway is cancelled. Cruise ships are cancelled….the list is endless. And, unfortunately for Page2020, the May 23rd Pet and Family Expo has been cancelled.

    However, there is a silver lining in these bleak days and we thank all of the sponsors that were going to attend the Expo that continue to show their support for the efforts of Page2020.  Below is a list of sponsors that had committed at this point to attend.  We encourage you to visit their websites and use their services.  All of them are committed as are we, to living up to the mission of Page2020.

    One day soon this virus will pass and the world will return to normal. That means, elections will be happening very quickly after this return to “real life” and the need to elect candidates that will have the high standards that we aspire to. Meaning…..they are in it for YOU….not themselves.
    Please continue to watch for future updates, and feel free to donate to Page2020 to help us get the right people elected this fall!

    With every donation over $10 you will receive a dog, cat or patriotic face mask.

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