It’s time to turn the page in 2020

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PAGE2020 is a Political Action Committee focused on supporting candidates for the Miami-Dade County Commission and Mayor in the 2020 election who are committed to doing what’s best for citizens instead of serving special interest groups. Our county government has been unresponsive to its ordinary citizens for too long and November 3, 2020 gives us the first opportunity to turn the page to a new chapter in our county history when NEW TERM LIMITS will force the Mayor and five Commissioners out of office. Some of our Commissioners have had their seats for two decades! We’ll be voting for Mayor and eight Commissioners (two are running for re-election, and one is replacing a Commissioner who will resign to run for Mayor). The clock is ticking down toward this election and we have a limited time to find, support and elect new people to lead us to a better future..

PAGE2020 stands for People, Animals & Government Ethics

Rita Schwartz co-founded PAGE2020 because of her experiences dealing with Miami-Dade government starting in 2011. As a co-founder of the Pets’ Trust she first got the Miami-Dade Mayor and Commission to unanimously agree to fund the Pets’ Trust if it was put on a ballot and the voters agreed to pay for it. Then she and many, many others campaigned tirelessly for the referendum that passed two-to-one — that’s a landslide!   But then the County Mayor and a majority of Commissioners refused to honor their original agreement. Their refusal ignored the voters’ wishes, wasted countless donations and volunteer hours, and worse, supported needless animal suffering. Click here to watch a 74-minute movie that tells the Pets’ Trust story, so far.

When the government rejects the will of the voters it’s time for the voters to reject the government.

People who are Responsive, Transparent, Ethical, Incorruptible, Accessible, Honest,

With 20-20 vision, Ms. Schwartz and her co-founder Marivi Betancourt, see this unprecedented opportunity quickly approaching when the Mayor and eight of the 13 Commissioners will be selected. Now is the time to make sure that these key positions are filled with good, new people. People who are not embedded in our system of politics. People who will seek out corruption and squash it. People who will be accessible and responsive to the citizens. People who will be transparent in all they do. People who will make decisions that will improve the quality of our lives now and for the future.

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A PAC is not a campaign, but can support or oppose candidates of its choice. Our choices will be simple:  we want ethical, responsive government. Of course we want want jobs, a good economy and growth. But we want good growth, planned and managed correctly. We recognize that traffic, safety, housing and quality of life are key issues that must be addressed in smart, efficient ways. But for far too long, too many decisions have been made for the best interests of the politically-connected instead of for the best interests of our citizens and their future.

And we’re going to support the Pets’ Trust — not just because two-thirds of voters approved it, but because it’s the right thing to do.

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